Saturday, August 22, 2009

Item Review- John Varvatos Converse

So I've been on a sort of vacation lately going to the beach etc and doing some exciting things throughout and on my journey i managed to pick up a nice pair of John Varvatos Jack Purcells for $30 even though they retail at around $270. Where'd i get that deal? Converse Outlet and i've already recieved multiple compliments and have to admit that they are very comfortable, ( a bit more than the originals) and also add a little something to my shoe collection. I also looked at and tried on various other types of John Varvatos Converse and like the new punk/prep thing going on with the designs. They also seem to be a lot sleeker and versatile than one may think at first site. We give John Varvatos Converse (especially the Jack's) a 9.8/10. Good luck and be sure to comment.

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