Saturday, May 30, 2009

Item Review- J.Crew Resin Crinkle Wash Jeans

What makes jeans classic? A nice dark rinse, no fades, and a solid straight fit. These are a perfect example of just that. I’ve had my pair for a good month and I love the way they coordinate with my wardrobe. They can go with a nice shirt as easily as it can with a dress shirt and blazer. The inky color of this pair of jeans can also transfer between seasons and even years. Just make sure to wash the jeans as instructed else you might see a slight fade. I would suggest to sundry just to keep the richness there. I give these particular jeans a 9/10. I would also try to go with the slim-straight fits supplied by J. Crew, they work a lot better for skinny legs like mine. Thanks for reading and be sure to comment.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trendy or Timeless?-Bold Frames

I’m sure you’ve seen them around on runways, musicians, and celebrities but the big question is: Are they for me? This question can only ultimately be answered by you but let me make some suggestions. I would first experiment with shades and see whether or not any models flatter your face. However, if you already wear glasses you probably already have an idea of which models do just that. Since this bold frames trend is a reinvention of Vintage Glasses from the 50’s & 60’s I would definitely label them timeless. You just have to know how to circulate them into your wardrobe effectively and creatively. Be sure to understand that high-end names may go for $200 and up so before you make that commitment make sure it’s worth the money you’re putting in and not going to sit on your dresser for months at a time. Bold frames are nice facial accessories meant to be used sparingly. Make sure to keep your lenses clean and take good care of them. Labels like Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, and Tom Ford create great designs of these frames are worth checking out. Thanks for reading and be sure to comment.

Recommendation- Grimaldi's

I’m not a food critic but this past weekend I came across this New York Styled pizzeria called Grimaldi’s with my girlfriend and I have to tell you it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had…ever. The pizza we order looked so good it should have been in a magazine, but once I took a bite it tasted so much better. Our server was awesome, the pizza was well priced, and we didn’t get slices, we got a whole pizza! If you do have a Grimaldi’s in your neighborhood and haven’t taken advantage, you’ve been missing out. The setting is also very nice a friendly which makes it perfect for a family outing or a date with your significant other. I suggest Grimaldi’s to any person that is obsessed with pizza like I am. But then again who doesn’t like pizza right? Be sure to check it out and leave comments. Thanks.

Where to find…The Best (Polos)

Polos are classic shirts that are the perfect balance between dressy and casual. You can always dress them up or down & their versatility makes them convenient and they come with some extra comfort. The best polo’s come are said to come from Ralph Lauren or Lacoste which actually created the first. However, my favorite polo’s come from J. Crew. They are nicely broken-in and fit perfectly. Gap also has polo’s, but the fit is usually not as nice around the sleeves as their partner store Banana Republic. If you go with a Lacoste or any higher brand polo I would suggest going with a classic dark navy or black for your first. It’s ok to splurge if you find a deal which is usually common inside of J. Crew or Gap. When you do go pick up your shirt make sure it fits snug around your biceps and doesn’t go past your crotch. Polos will always be an essential to any wardrobe but the key is to know how to coordinate it into yours. Whether you want it tucked in or not bold or understated just make sure you feel comfortable and look down before you take the big leap into the pattern and bold color zone. Good luck and make sure to comment.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trendy or Timeless- Vans Authentic

Vans have been seen on everybody's feet lately from Hollywood stars to teens in your neighborhood & they seem to just keep appearing. But why? It's because they're simple, comfortable, and to the point. They work with every wardrobe,classic or trendy, and can be dressed down or dressed up to the tee. Any down sides? They get dirty pretty easy, but thier affordability ($30-40) makes it worth it. If you are a first-time Vans wearer i would suggest going with a simple, classic black & white pair. If you've been through a few pairs i would suggest experimenting with a nice off-white or navy pair that are a bit more casual than the black & white but are still very classic. What i wouldn't suggest though is going with any neon pairs that call to much attention to your shoes. However, if you feel that you found a nice color, make sure you know how to pull it off and maybe consult a second opinion, probably one from a female that doesn't work inside the store. (Sales Clerks lie!...sometimes.) Remember you are looking for something that will last and be wearable, not a pair of clown shoes that come with a couple of free laughs. So whats the verdict? Timeless...Vans Authentic are classic, especially in classic colors. The brighter and more extravagent, the more it starts heading into the trendy zone. So, just watch your colors and you'll be fine. The Vans Slip-ons are also a classic and more casual version of the Authentic so they're definently worth checking out. Good luck and make sure to comment.

Recommendation- Your Local Antique Store

Now i know what you're thinking, what am i going to buy that could possibly help my wardrobe. Right? Actually, you can get great deals on alot of things from tie clips, luggage, coats, and even furniture. I've gotten each of these items at local Thrift and Antique Stores at unbelievable prices. For instance, i bought a Vintage Samsonite Suitcase that looks like it's worth about $100-300 and i got it for about $2o. I also bought a sterling silver tie clip which would go for about $80-$100 for $5...$5!!! Looking for the deals are half the fun and when you do find something its personal and one-of-a-kind, pretty much a collector's item for a bargrain price. So next time you're out make that stop at the corner Antique Shop & Enjoy. Thanks for reading and be sure to comment.

Item Review- Gap Oxford Shirts

One Word...Classic. Gap has to be the one of the most experienced shirt makers in the business and you can tell the moment you finish buttoning up this shirt. They're very durable and it has to be the best $40 dollars I've dished out in a while. Don't count on putting these shirts away for awhile, they are definently timeless and are there for you all-year long. You can dress it down with jeans and a cotton tie or dress it up by wearing a nice tailored suit and hell, it even works with a bow-tie. You can layer it with a nice v-neck sweater or just wear it by itself. It is as simple as it is versatile & that is why I give the Gap Oxford a 9 out of 10. What should you do? Next time you pass by a Gap pick one up. Why? Ask yourself that 6 months later and you'll know why. Good luck with your wardrobe and leave some comments. Thanks.

Where to find...The Perfect(& most Price Worthy) Watches

So you want Classic? You want sleek? You want your moneys worth? Go to Target. Yes Target. Target has very Classic watches from very dependable brands such as Timex & Casio that go for as little as $30. I would probably go with a nice silver watch with a classic black band for starters. They also have replaceable bands so you can change colors & textures which is not only convenient but also very affordable. Want more of a casual look? Target's Casio watches are very sleek and more trendy, but definently casual. There are also a variety of digital models available from both brands. Now, when it comes to the more expensive brands Baume Mercier makes acceptional watches, Rolex is always timeless, and one of my favorite brands Cartier is also a phenomanal watch-maker. Good luck and make sure to leave your comments.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trendy or Timeless? - Fedoras

Now i know fedoras had their moment back in the 30's but recently every hipster & fashion fiend seem to be appearing in them. I personally feel as if i look alright in a fedora, but i find my self alot more comfortable in a driving cap or something less dressy and more casual. However, if you do find that you are a fedora guy make sure you make it seem natural, like you were born in it. Look up any picture of Frank Sinatra and you'll catch my drift. I would suggest wearing whatever hat you choose with confidence and hell if you look damn good in it show it. I say Timeless to fedoras. Just make sure it's your style and not everybody elses. Watch out for more Trendy or Timeless articles coming soon. Thanks for stopping by. Comments?

Recommendation- Details Style Manual

This book is a wonderful guide to help you get started on your wardrobe. It covers everything from blazers,suits, topcoats and everything in between. This is a very dressy and very suit orientated guide even though casual items are mentioned. Nonetheless, this book is definently the blueprint to creating the right image whether you are looking to make a couple tweeks in your warddrobe or are trying to drastically change it. The way it's written is also very addicting, I'm almost ashamed to say i read it all in one night. You can find it at your local bookstore and once you buy it you also recieve a year long subscription to DETAILS magazine free of charge. So the only question left is "Where are my Car Keys?" I highly recommend this book to any and every man out there from expert to novice. This book is way more than worth it. Good luck on the road to style & remember to comment and subscribe to S&S if you havent already! P.S. Amazon has the book for as low as 16 bucks! Crazy.

Item Review-Jack Purcell Converse Sneakers

These Classic Mid 40's Converse are a timeless take on an ideal sneaker. I myself have owned my white-on-white pair for quite some time.They can easily be dressed up or down & something about them makes them remarkably good-looking with a suit. Ever since, i got mine off of the J.Crew website (a must see) i couldn't picture myself without them. They are durable, practical, and contrary to popular belief look very good broken-in. Also the best part is that not every kid in the block is going to be sporting these and the fact that you have to make the effort of looking for them makes all the diffrence. Converse has various types of Jack Purcell Brand Converse, J. Crew has unique and classic broken-in versions, & if you are lucky your local Journeys may have the classic black or white & if you're luckier they may actually have your size. I give the Jack Purcell Sneaker a 9.5/10. Good Luck, and watch out for more upcoming reviews.

Where to find...The Best(&most price worthy)Ties

When it comes to ties alot of people seem to reach for high end brands like Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabana and Burberry for even the simplest ties. I myself would prefer not to spend a down payment on a car for a piece of silk that makes me look like a walking billboard. However, when it comes to ties i prefer simple cottons usually solid or subtly patterned or a nice silk one in a classic color & definently understated. It's alright to get a little pop from the cotton tie, pattern wise, but the shine of the silk is something that already catches attention, therefore i would stick with small polka dots, stripes, or maybe small critters. Before i get ahead of myself though i would recommend American Apparel for nice solid cotton ties and J. Crew for your silk ties. American Apparel's cotton ties usually go for about $18-20 and J. Crew's silk ties range from about $30-60 dollars, but make sure to check out all the sales they have going on. Their ties, for the quality and styling, are definently more than worth it. And lastly, when it comes to the size of your tie you should make it proportional to you torso. The smaller your torso, the smaller the tie. The bigger you torso the bigger the tie. Good luck...and be sure to comment.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello There!!!

My name is Marcel Andrie and i have created Style & Substance in order to give everyday guys like myself advice on Style, Art, Music and everything in between. This blog will hopefully help guys get in touch with their own personal tastes and become the modern men they were born to be.