Saturday, August 7, 2010

A little early but...

This shirt is awesome...I usually don't like too much stuff from American Apparel that tries to be Nautical in a sense but this Pullover is something worth picking up for the fall. And also its been seen on a few runways here and there from some major designers but American Apparel has you covered in the aspect of costliness and comfort. Too bad my Texas weather won't accommodate this piece till later on into the year but hell i never regretted picking it up as early as i did. Hope all is well. Peace.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Next Purchase...Rugged Terrain Boots

Now for some reason everytime i spot a person wearing a nice pair of manly boots i can not help but think about investing in a pair. Now lately its has been a big deal inside the world of men's clothing to get us back into the essence of our beings. Men everywhere are starting to stray away from the metrosexual attitude of the past 2 decades and are starting to look towards a more hopeful and manly future. A good way to step towards a more rugged future would be to pick up a pair so you can make the right steps towards the change you would like to make. A goog sleek pair of Red Wings would be the way to go but, ofcourse if you would like to go all out labels like Timberland and Red Wing have more than reputiable alternatives. Hope all works for the best. Good Luck.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Suggestion- Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar...

Now this is not our typical review. However when i started this blog i wanted to incorporate alot of diffrent aspects of art, fashion and culture into S&S so here it goes. Alot of people i run into seem to know a decent amount of philosophical information but are not to good at explaining or retaining too much of the information. This book however written by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein is a more understanding approach to the philosophies of our age. I believe every man should know a thing or two about philosphy and find what his personal view of the world actually is. Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar... is an easy and hilarious way to venture into the world of philosophy and a funny introduction to even the grimest of themes. I would definently suggest this book to any man trying to find a meaningful read and any man that is interested in philosophy in the slightest of ways. Remember to keep yourself looking sharp you also have to keep yourself thinking sharp. S&S gives this book an 8.5/10. Enjoy. By the way a video will be posted soon by myself but more on that later. Chow.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Label Review- Toddland

Toddland is a relatively new label that has made its mark on the casual fashion market for the the past 3 to 4 years Toddland has a simple approach and its making "awesome" clothing that people would love. I would have to say the Toddland bug has rubbed off on me and i own 2 of there really simple and really casually cool graphic t-shirts. Since summer has been dawning on San Antonio for some time now i've been looking for easy go to summer friendly garments and toddland is one of my go-to labels for anything casual. Their website is also a really cool experience if you would care to check that out. We give toddlang a 7.7/10. Definently a good rating for an up and coming brand. Hope you guys enjoy toddland as much as i do. Farewell.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Label Review-Rogues Gallery

One of my more recent favorites. Rogues Gallery is based out of Maine and has a way of combining nautical aspects and traditional styling with modern fits and edgy designs. The labels recent collaberation with J.Crew also has provided some impressive products. Another venture of Rogues Gallery is also its Never Sleep line that seems to have a more youthful styling to it and has recently released some products exclusive to Urban Outfitters. S&S gives Rogues Gallery and its projects a 9/10. Hope you enjoy the label as much as we do.(My personal favorite products of the Rogues Gallery label have to been the edgy but simple graphic tees.)Enjoy!

My New Thing-Untraditional Tie Clips

So this past month i was once again at one of my favorite antique malls here in San Antonio and i came across a tie clip shaped like a pair of scissors and i thought it was the coolest thing. Here are some more examples of the types of clips im into now and maybe it will inspire you to have some fun with your tie clips. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Recommendation-Moscot Nebb

Moscot is a very reputiable label that gots its start in New York in 1915. If you're looking for classy frames or sunglasses they definently are the best in their class. I personally wear the New Grey Moscot Nebbs that came out this year and i would have to say that the elegant design, the glass lenses, and the personal take on the online delivery process has me convinced that these are the best pair of glasses i have owned.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recommendation - AA Track Jacket

Nice, Thin, & Comfortable. Words people would love to associate with a casual warm weather jacket. And since Athletic looks have been resurfacing lately and simplicity makes classics our folks at American Apparel definently have us covered. Colors? Well they have everything from Forest Green (my personal favorite) to Classic Red or Navy. The good thing about a thin jacket like this is that it is also easy to layer with and can add a good pop of color to your outfit. We give the AA Track Jacket a 8/10. Enjoy the versatility and good luck.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Item Review- John Varvatos Converse

So I've been on a sort of vacation lately going to the beach etc and doing some exciting things throughout and on my journey i managed to pick up a nice pair of John Varvatos Jack Purcells for $30 even though they retail at around $270. Where'd i get that deal? Converse Outlet and i've already recieved multiple compliments and have to admit that they are very comfortable, ( a bit more than the originals) and also add a little something to my shoe collection. I also looked at and tried on various other types of John Varvatos Converse and like the new punk/prep thing going on with the designs. They also seem to be a lot sleeker and versatile than one may think at first site. We give John Varvatos Converse (especially the Jack's) a 9.8/10. Good luck and be sure to comment.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Recommendation- Classic Bikes

Buy some nice wheels for once! Not a car dummy, invest in a nice bike. It can take you place to place quicker with no strings attatched. No insurance, no bus fee, no gas, no nothing. I myself have a nice Huffy bike designed like the Beach Cruisers from back in the day and it makes me feel stylish, economical, and earth friendly all in one trip. It can be a quick way to get somewhere quick and easy down in the city or can be a nice little ride on the country side with your significant other. All you really gotta worry about is making sure you get a nice classic and casual model that won't be to hard to transition with throughout your daily life. And please whatever you do keep it simple. You aren't Lance Armstrong so skip the gadgets and uneeded gears and just have fun with it. Good luck and enjoy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where to find the best...(khakis).

When it comes to khakis i would suggest going with a nice rich color and a nice fit. J. Crew and Gap both have very nice varieties of khakis that won't break the bank. I would also suggest going with a nice lightweight fit due to the fact that their easier to maneuver in and you can wear them all year round without breaking a sweat or freezing to death. Durability wise, they should also hold out and the good thing is that you won't look like a banker or a camp counselore. When you do decide to look for a pair make sure to stay away from pleats and stick to flat front varieties. Go for a golden brown classic also and if you want to switch it up maybe go for a gray pair. Good luck and be sure to comment.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trendy or Timeless- Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans have been on the scene for a bit and have been worn by hipsters and classic dressers alike. But, the thing about skinny jeans is that you do need to be well....skinny for them to really have any function and for them to not look like a pair of denim spandex. IF you do have the body to pull skinny jeans off it adds to your silhouette instead of bringing out some uncanny features you may want to be hiding while you might out on a date or something. Skinny jeans are perfect when being substituted for formal wear pants. They look very nice with a blazer or a nice shirt and tie combination. I would also like to mention that the dark washes might be the best ones to go for. And remember if you are a skinny jean guy i would suggest going with your size and not sway towards smaller sizes. Lastly, remember to make sure your bulge isn't showing because well, just take my word for it. So, even though it may have potential to be a classic we say trendy.Thanks alot and be sure to comment.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recommendation- V-necks

Be a man and pick up a nice V-neck. Not only is a great addition to your wardrobe, but like many of the items i mention it can be extremely versatile. I, myself own about 10 and wear them all year round whether it be under a blazer with jeans, or just by themselves with khakis. V-necks can be found in various colors and are made by various brands but make sure that you get a nice tailored fit and a color that coordinates well into your wardrobe. However, if you'd maybe like some versatility in the color department i would maybe go with a dark red, deep purple, or moss green, but then again thats just me personally. Whatever you pick, make sure its you and you'll be safe as long as you stay away from the neons and be sure to be cautious of any pastels, they may be a bit harder to pull off. Also, dont be afraid to maybe have some stripes or graphics on your V-neck, just make sure they suit your style and lean more towards the classic. And remember going with labels like BOSS, J. Crew, or Lacoste will defiently give you a good and sturdy design that will definently get you more than justa few compliments.Good luck and be sure to comment.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where to find...A Nice Pair Of Shorts

I know i know...kinda late for a shorts excert but hell, its never to late for a little casual wear inside your wardrobe. To keep your silhouette nice and neat i would suggest skipping the cargo shorts and going with a nice pair of tailored dress shorts. They can make a nice casual t-shirt look a little more dressy or make a dress shirt a little more casual and a piece like that definently has a place in any wardrobe. Make sure your shorts hit your knee, but if you're bold enough to you can even go a little shorter. Some nice labels to stick to for shorts include Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, and J.Crew. I would suggest going with a khaki, dark blue, black, or gray pair just to keep your options open when it comes to paring them with an outfit. Also, make sure that you get the right size and don't be afraid to wear a belt. Good luck and be sure to comment.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Store Review - Service Menswear in Austin, TX

While i was in Austin this afternoon i spent alot of time browsing around at vintage and antique stores while tucked away in the corner i came upon this gem of a place. A small but well equipped store, Service Menswear, has alot to offer us Texans out here. From Jack Spade Briefcases to Casio G-Shock Watches in various colors which definently makes this a great spot to help advance your wardrobe. I would suggest bringing some extra cash just in case you do find that piece you were looking for because in a place like this you can easily get carried away. The atmosphere is modern and friendly and the staff is always willing to help you out. And if they don't have what you are looking for they'll be glad to point you into the right direction. Also be sure to check out the sales that they have going on and be sure to fiest your eyes on their ridiculously cool shoe section. You can find Service Menswear on South Congress Street tucked away right behind By George(a nice boutique to drop your girlfriend off at while you browse).When you see the Neon Sign you are there. Be sure to check it out.Great place, great vibe, and moderate prices....whats not to like? Good luck and be sure to comment.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Trendy or Timeless - Modern Watches

I personally have a very modern classic approach to my wardrobe but, lately i've been seeing alot of modern time pieces making their marks inside the fashion world. Labels like Sieko, Casio, and Nixon are producing very affordable watches in very minimilistic designs and are making a bundle off of the idea. It is a very modern take on such a classic object. I myself have seen many hipsters sporting these types of watches for a bit now and have toke notice. However, i would not approach these designs as trends but more as a diffrent form of art inside the timepiece world. Labels like Cartier, Rolex, and Baume Mercier are the more classic watch makes as these just described are the modern take on today's timepiece. I would suggest getting a model that is of sleek and artistic design and is also a very noticeable or classic color. If done correctly this can add some energy to your outfit. We label the Modern Watch a Trend, but in time (pun not intended) it may turn out to be a classic. Good luck, and be sure to comment.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recommendation- Adidas Samba Classic

I bought my first pair on kind of a whim and i was looking for good affordable black sneakers. So there i was staring at them at my local sports goods store and realized just how underrated these sneakers were. I got them for $40 dollars full price and i have worn them off and on for a good 2 months now and i am beyond satisfied. These are Classic, Slick, Versatile, and beyond all Affordable. They can as easily work into a suit as they do a tee-shirt and jeans and can make you look modern and stylish all in the same step. Adidas is also a very trustworthy brand, a kind of granddad for the sneaker labels coming out left and right these days so its really hard to go wrong. I would suggest buying at a local sportsgood store, usually because their prices aren't marked up for any misc. style aspect. So go out buy yourself a pair and tell me why you can't live without them. Ill be waiting. And don't forget to comment. Good luck.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Label Review - Jil Sander

Honestly, the first time i saw a Jil Sander i was blown away. It just looked so simple and elegant. However, it felt so innovative. Alot of the pieces i've seen are so classic but in a new creative way. I myself have only admired these pieces so far but i do look forward to making a purchase sometime soon. Jil Sander doesn't come too cheap but i'm more than positive that they will have more than staying power inside of your own personal wardrobe. Jil Sander is also a new line which has just recently came out in the past couple of years. Supporting Fashions is how you get even better fashion. And maybe you'll be able to tell your kids about it. Jil Sander is definently my favorite label right now i think it definently is worth the investment.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where to find...A Nice Tie Clip

Tie Clips are made by all types of designers and can be found in various places. Antique and Resale stores probably have the most affordable versions but may also have wacky versions of the tie clip. However if you do find an affordable solid silver or gold tie clip i would grab it as soon as possible. The tie clip not only keeps your tie close to your shirt but also adds some extra flare to your outfit. A statement can be made very subtly and easily with the perfect tie clip. Burberry, J. Crew, and Tom Ford make great versions of the tie clip but may be much more costly compared to a resale store. However, if you would like to make such a purchase make sure its a tie clip you can wear all year round. A nice rectangular version will be fashionable for many years to come. Good luck and be sure to comment.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trendy or Timeless- Vests

Now vests are a very touchy topic in the modern man's way of dressing. You can either pull it off correctly or look like a total douchebag. The best vests come from 3-piece suits which will be blogged about later. Your vest should fit nice and snug and look natural. I would go with a nice solid pattern or a cool brown or blue herringbone pattern for colder nights. Go with a light cotton or a nice wool version and it should last you throughout the seasons. The key is to bring your confidence and understate until you feel comfortable inside your vest. Then you can go ahead and accesorize and bring attention upon yourself, just make sure to leave the fauxhawk at home. We think the vest is a bit Trendy, but with the correct guidance it can be made a classic.Thanks Alot and be sure to comment.

Oh yeah and pair it with a nice solid tee or a shirt and tie. Beware of the V-neck though, make sure you know how and feel comfortable with that look. Its all about fit and understatiing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recommendation- Nordstrom Guide To Men's Style

Now im sure that you've read my blog about the Details Style Manual (if you didn't i suggest you do that now) and this book is very similar in many aspects, in fact I'm sure the manual was a blue print for this guide, i would recommend this book for more formal wear. Nordstrom's take on style is much more dressy and sophisticated so i would suggest going for this guide if you want a more formal approach. In this book you'll find many tips and advice on how to pull off your look, which is personalized by a in book quiz, and therefore is very personal. It also makes you realize extra details inside of your look that may need work or that you have simple missed. They cover things from Elbow Patches on Blazers to how you should pack and even the best way to take care of those carefully invested clothes you will be purchasing. The illustrations look familiar and so does the set up, but if you are looking for a Details Style Manual counterpart i would suggest investing in this book. Its definently a good way to add more class and sophistication to your warddrobe. $19.95 and your future wardrobe is all yours. Good luck everyone and be sure to comment.

Label Review- Fred Perry

Ever since the beginning of modern fashion, Tennis has been a great inspiration for many labels including the French Label Lacoste and The English Label Fred Perry. Fred Perry is a more conservative and traditional take on Tennis inspired Fashion but at the same time is very up to date and very on point with alot of its creations. Places from Neiman Marcus to Urban Outfitters have these labels in stock so you can imagine the versatility of this labels pieces. I would suggest first going out to buy a polo or shirt from them and see how it feels on your body and see whether it makes you comfortable. Tennis inspired labels tend to have a more Athletic Fit so it may be tighter in some places. Fred Perry is also known for their cool Shoes and Accesories which throw a nod to subtle luxury with their undertoned styles and classic pieces. I have not tried on any of their pants yet but i am sure they only add to the trim athletic silhouette that is attributed to this label. Fred Perry definently is a label i would recommend to anyone looking to look sleek and sophisticated but still cool and up to date. Whoever thought seeing a couple of rackets and tennis balls could come to such inspiration.

We give the label Fred Perry an 8.8/10. Good luck and be sure to Comment.