Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trendy or Timeless- Vests

Now vests are a very touchy topic in the modern man's way of dressing. You can either pull it off correctly or look like a total douchebag. The best vests come from 3-piece suits which will be blogged about later. Your vest should fit nice and snug and look natural. I would go with a nice solid pattern or a cool brown or blue herringbone pattern for colder nights. Go with a light cotton or a nice wool version and it should last you throughout the seasons. The key is to bring your confidence and understate until you feel comfortable inside your vest. Then you can go ahead and accesorize and bring attention upon yourself, just make sure to leave the fauxhawk at home. We think the vest is a bit Trendy, but with the correct guidance it can be made a classic.Thanks Alot and be sure to comment.

Oh yeah and pair it with a nice solid tee or a shirt and tie. Beware of the V-neck though, make sure you know how and feel comfortable with that look. Its all about fit and understatiing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recommendation- Nordstrom Guide To Men's Style

Now im sure that you've read my blog about the Details Style Manual (if you didn't i suggest you do that now) and this book is very similar in many aspects, in fact I'm sure the manual was a blue print for this guide, i would recommend this book for more formal wear. Nordstrom's take on style is much more dressy and sophisticated so i would suggest going for this guide if you want a more formal approach. In this book you'll find many tips and advice on how to pull off your look, which is personalized by a in book quiz, and therefore is very personal. It also makes you realize extra details inside of your look that may need work or that you have simple missed. They cover things from Elbow Patches on Blazers to how you should pack and even the best way to take care of those carefully invested clothes you will be purchasing. The illustrations look familiar and so does the set up, but if you are looking for a Details Style Manual counterpart i would suggest investing in this book. Its definently a good way to add more class and sophistication to your warddrobe. $19.95 and your future wardrobe is all yours. Good luck everyone and be sure to comment.

Label Review- Fred Perry

Ever since the beginning of modern fashion, Tennis has been a great inspiration for many labels including the French Label Lacoste and The English Label Fred Perry. Fred Perry is a more conservative and traditional take on Tennis inspired Fashion but at the same time is very up to date and very on point with alot of its creations. Places from Neiman Marcus to Urban Outfitters have these labels in stock so you can imagine the versatility of this labels pieces. I would suggest first going out to buy a polo or shirt from them and see how it feels on your body and see whether it makes you comfortable. Tennis inspired labels tend to have a more Athletic Fit so it may be tighter in some places. Fred Perry is also known for their cool Shoes and Accesories which throw a nod to subtle luxury with their undertoned styles and classic pieces. I have not tried on any of their pants yet but i am sure they only add to the trim athletic silhouette that is attributed to this label. Fred Perry definently is a label i would recommend to anyone looking to look sleek and sophisticated but still cool and up to date. Whoever thought seeing a couple of rackets and tennis balls could come to such inspiration.

We give the label Fred Perry an 8.8/10. Good luck and be sure to Comment.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Where to find...Nice Luggage

There are many high-end brands that make spectacular bags like Hermes, Louis Vutton, and Gucci but if you don't want to spend more on a bag than a down-payment on a car i would suggest looking at labels like Fred Perry, Banana Republic, or even the Gap. However, you can always find great Vintage-Style luggage at Antique or Thrift Stores. Samsonite, is a great brand to look for if you want something simple with a vintage feel to it. I would make sure to also know how to pack whatever you're bringing. The Details Style Guide that was blogged about earlier has a great chapter about packing effectively.Be sure to get something classic or something nice and bold but still comfortable. Thanks and be safe out there. Be sure to comment.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trendy Or Timeless-Scarves

See the thing about scarves is that there is a certain demeanor you have to have in order to pull it off. You have to have a certain European touch to your outfit in order to incorporate the scarf effectively but see the thing about guys and scarves these days is that they look...well ridiculous. Urban Desert Scarves? Really? Or is it cool to look like an idiot now? Really? Almost seems like it is. Anyhow...when you do wear a scarf please use it as a needed and not as an accesory. Please, make sure its not 98 degrees outside when you decide to put one around your neck. Be sensible. But realize that scarves can also be very versatile color and wear wise. I would preferably pick a color you wouldn't usually sport such as a moss green or a rich maroon to add some pop to your outfit. Lets stay away from the frayed-houndstooth and neon plaids. Make sure that whatever you are wearing at the time also fits accordingly. You don't want your outfit to make your scarf look like a shoe lace wrapped around your neck. We think the scarf is Timeless unless you're debating over the multicolored model at your local Hot Topic then well...yeah. Enjoy and besure to comment.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Recommendation-Dessert Boots

When i got my first pair of Dessert Boots i felt as if I hit the lottery. I felt so diffrent , almost like i was meant to always have a pair. Thet are so simple and go with just about anything. I also got them at Banana Republic at a great price...$20 which is pretty much insane. They usually mark up to $100-$200. Desert Boots also give you a sense of rebellion which is always a good mixture into any wardrobe. They go with anything from shirt & tie to a nice v-neck. They go with khaki's, jeans, or hell even a nice pair of dress shorts. The best brands to purchase your pair from are Clark's, J. Crew, and Banana Republic (if you can get your hand on a pair). I myself have probably worn mine atleast 200 times in the past year and usually sockless or with thin dress socks. Nevertheless, they always seem to look great and edgy and work well into any outfit. Good luck & make sure to comment.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Where to find...the Best Blazers

Probably your neighborhood thrift or resale store. Why? Great variety at ridiculous prices. You need proof? I walked into my local thrift store and 10 minutes later i walked out with a beautiful Vintage Brooks Brothers Pinstripe Blazer which cost me $5. Enough said. And since classic Navy Blazers are the norm you can be sure to find a nice one in your size. But maybe you don't like the buttons. You can easily have someone alter that for you or hell even do it yourself. Its much easier than it looks. I have seen great things in thrift stores from Vintage Members Only Jackets to Christian Dior Ties and both under $10. Do you really need any more convincing? Not really. Go ahead and check it out and i'm sure you'll enjoy it. Just make sure to take your time and if they don't have anything you're looking for come back the next day. Things change quickly and you might just find the piece you're looking for. Good luck and be sure to subscribe. Also remember, you can never go wrong with a Dark Navy 2-Button Blazer just in case you didn't know.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Item Review- J. Crew Cardigan

J. Crew is the #1 place to buy cardigans. Period. Yes i did say that. Why? They don't just focus on classics like the blue,gray, and black but also have a variety of colors you could reach out too. But mainly, they focus on the craftmanship and the attention to detail when creating them. They have material combinations like cotton-cashmere, cotton-linen, and cotton-wool. They also have traditional cotton and cashmere solids. There have diffrent styles of cardigans from shawl to classic and they all pretty much can blend into any outfit. I myself have about 5 and enjoy all of them in various points throughout the year. For a first choice, i would go with a nice navy cardigan which is an essential on its own. It can be dressed up with a shirt and tie combination as easily as it could with a simple crewneck. You could even go with a v-neck or polo and it would look very natural. Khakis, jeans, or dress pants J. Crew's Cardigans make it easy and affordable to look stylish. We give the J. Crew Cardigan a 10/10. Not the usual rating, but then again this isn't the usual article of clothing. Good luck and be sure to subscribe. Oh yeah, and by the way i totally own like two of the one pictured here. And now it's on sale. Check it out at the link above. Thanks.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trendy or Timeless?-Plaid

Now plaid has had it 's moment in the past with grunge and lumberjacks but in the past year you've seen it on runways and hipsters everywhere. See the problem with that is that plaid works for some people but not others. You can see the diffrence between someone who knows what their doing and a walking Chess Board. The trick is to keep the patterns simple and subtle so they pop but don't *POP*...understand? Also if you choose a plaid or any pattern in general make sure it's something that will have durability and will be able to be worn a couple years from now. Again, make sure not to go for any neons instead stick to classic colors like red, green, blue, or even yellow plaids to give you an edge over the competition. Make sure to get a try on a couple sizes and varieties to find out which style fits you and you should be fine. Also, remember that a second opinion never hurts. Good luck, and be sure to comment.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recommendation - Knit Ties

See the thing is that conventional ties are well…conventional. Put some pep in your step with a nice knit tie and hell; add some texture while you’re at it. I would suggest experimenting with colors like maroon, blue, or black to add a formal touch. Labels like J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, and Brooks Brothers make great classic versions of the knit tie. These particular types of ties go well with more casual outfits like cotton suits and just simple dress shirts. Patterned shirts particularly gingham, madras, or tattersall can give your outfit edge. You could go with jeans or dress it up with khaki’s and a blazer and you’ll be able to take over the town. And contrary to popular belief you can wear these ties all year around including the winter time. Good luck and be sure to comment. Thanks.

Where to find...the Best Sneakers

I love sneakers. They put a casual touch to just about any outfit and they are also definently much more comfortable than dress shoes or boots. The most versatile colors are obviously black and white but adding a splash of color now and then doesnt hurt either. Just make sure it doesn't look like your feet magically turned into crayons over night and you should be fine. Brands like Adidas, Vans, and Converse are very affordable and reliable sneakers brands that know what their doing. Adidas has great choices such as the Samba Classic, Stan Smith's, and the classic Shell-Toe Models. Vans has great slip-ons, lace-ups, and chukkas. Converse also has the Jack Purcell, the All-Stars, and many variations of both. There are also luxurious brands that also have great sneakers. Burberry, Lanvin, and Prada have beautiful and sleek pairs. Whatever you do just make sure your sneakers coordinate with your outfit and fit well into your wardrobe. Good luck and please comment.