Monday, August 3, 2009

Recommendation- Classic Bikes

Buy some nice wheels for once! Not a car dummy, invest in a nice bike. It can take you place to place quicker with no strings attatched. No insurance, no bus fee, no gas, no nothing. I myself have a nice Huffy bike designed like the Beach Cruisers from back in the day and it makes me feel stylish, economical, and earth friendly all in one trip. It can be a quick way to get somewhere quick and easy down in the city or can be a nice little ride on the country side with your significant other. All you really gotta worry about is making sure you get a nice classic and casual model that won't be to hard to transition with throughout your daily life. And please whatever you do keep it simple. You aren't Lance Armstrong so skip the gadgets and uneeded gears and just have fun with it. Good luck and enjoy.

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