Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recommendation- Nordstrom Guide To Men's Style

Now im sure that you've read my blog about the Details Style Manual (if you didn't i suggest you do that now) and this book is very similar in many aspects, in fact I'm sure the manual was a blue print for this guide, i would recommend this book for more formal wear. Nordstrom's take on style is much more dressy and sophisticated so i would suggest going for this guide if you want a more formal approach. In this book you'll find many tips and advice on how to pull off your look, which is personalized by a in book quiz, and therefore is very personal. It also makes you realize extra details inside of your look that may need work or that you have simple missed. They cover things from Elbow Patches on Blazers to how you should pack and even the best way to take care of those carefully invested clothes you will be purchasing. The illustrations look familiar and so does the set up, but if you are looking for a Details Style Manual counterpart i would suggest investing in this book. Its definently a good way to add more class and sophistication to your warddrobe. $19.95 and your future wardrobe is all yours. Good luck everyone and be sure to comment.

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