Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trendy or Timeless- Vests

Now vests are a very touchy topic in the modern man's way of dressing. You can either pull it off correctly or look like a total douchebag. The best vests come from 3-piece suits which will be blogged about later. Your vest should fit nice and snug and look natural. I would go with a nice solid pattern or a cool brown or blue herringbone pattern for colder nights. Go with a light cotton or a nice wool version and it should last you throughout the seasons. The key is to bring your confidence and understate until you feel comfortable inside your vest. Then you can go ahead and accesorize and bring attention upon yourself, just make sure to leave the fauxhawk at home. We think the vest is a bit Trendy, but with the correct guidance it can be made a classic.Thanks Alot and be sure to comment.

Oh yeah and pair it with a nice solid tee or a shirt and tie. Beware of the V-neck though, make sure you know how and feel comfortable with that look. Its all about fit and understatiing.

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