Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Label Review- Fred Perry

Ever since the beginning of modern fashion, Tennis has been a great inspiration for many labels including the French Label Lacoste and The English Label Fred Perry. Fred Perry is a more conservative and traditional take on Tennis inspired Fashion but at the same time is very up to date and very on point with alot of its creations. Places from Neiman Marcus to Urban Outfitters have these labels in stock so you can imagine the versatility of this labels pieces. I would suggest first going out to buy a polo or shirt from them and see how it feels on your body and see whether it makes you comfortable. Tennis inspired labels tend to have a more Athletic Fit so it may be tighter in some places. Fred Perry is also known for their cool Shoes and Accesories which throw a nod to subtle luxury with their undertoned styles and classic pieces. I have not tried on any of their pants yet but i am sure they only add to the trim athletic silhouette that is attributed to this label. Fred Perry definently is a label i would recommend to anyone looking to look sleek and sophisticated but still cool and up to date. Whoever thought seeing a couple of rackets and tennis balls could come to such inspiration.

We give the label Fred Perry an 8.8/10. Good luck and be sure to Comment.

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