Monday, July 6, 2009

Label Review - Jil Sander

Honestly, the first time i saw a Jil Sander i was blown away. It just looked so simple and elegant. However, it felt so innovative. Alot of the pieces i've seen are so classic but in a new creative way. I myself have only admired these pieces so far but i do look forward to making a purchase sometime soon. Jil Sander doesn't come too cheap but i'm more than positive that they will have more than staying power inside of your own personal wardrobe. Jil Sander is also a new line which has just recently came out in the past couple of years. Supporting Fashions is how you get even better fashion. And maybe you'll be able to tell your kids about it. Jil Sander is definently my favorite label right now i think it definently is worth the investment.

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