Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Store Review - Service Menswear in Austin, TX

While i was in Austin this afternoon i spent alot of time browsing around at vintage and antique stores while tucked away in the corner i came upon this gem of a place. A small but well equipped store, Service Menswear, has alot to offer us Texans out here. From Jack Spade Briefcases to Casio G-Shock Watches in various colors which definently makes this a great spot to help advance your wardrobe. I would suggest bringing some extra cash just in case you do find that piece you were looking for because in a place like this you can easily get carried away. The atmosphere is modern and friendly and the staff is always willing to help you out. And if they don't have what you are looking for they'll be glad to point you into the right direction. Also be sure to check out the sales that they have going on and be sure to fiest your eyes on their ridiculously cool shoe section. You can find Service Menswear on South Congress Street tucked away right behind By George(a nice boutique to drop your girlfriend off at while you browse).When you see the Neon Sign you are there. Be sure to check it out.Great place, great vibe, and moderate prices....whats not to like? Good luck and be sure to comment.

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