Monday, July 13, 2009

Trendy or Timeless - Modern Watches

I personally have a very modern classic approach to my wardrobe but, lately i've been seeing alot of modern time pieces making their marks inside the fashion world. Labels like Sieko, Casio, and Nixon are producing very affordable watches in very minimilistic designs and are making a bundle off of the idea. It is a very modern take on such a classic object. I myself have seen many hipsters sporting these types of watches for a bit now and have toke notice. However, i would not approach these designs as trends but more as a diffrent form of art inside the timepiece world. Labels like Cartier, Rolex, and Baume Mercier are the more classic watch makes as these just described are the modern take on today's timepiece. I would suggest getting a model that is of sleek and artistic design and is also a very noticeable or classic color. If done correctly this can add some energy to your outfit. We label the Modern Watch a Trend, but in time (pun not intended) it may turn out to be a classic. Good luck, and be sure to comment.

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