Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recommendation- Adidas Samba Classic

I bought my first pair on kind of a whim and i was looking for good affordable black sneakers. So there i was staring at them at my local sports goods store and realized just how underrated these sneakers were. I got them for $40 dollars full price and i have worn them off and on for a good 2 months now and i am beyond satisfied. These are Classic, Slick, Versatile, and beyond all Affordable. They can as easily work into a suit as they do a tee-shirt and jeans and can make you look modern and stylish all in the same step. Adidas is also a very trustworthy brand, a kind of granddad for the sneaker labels coming out left and right these days so its really hard to go wrong. I would suggest buying at a local sportsgood store, usually because their prices aren't marked up for any misc. style aspect. So go out buy yourself a pair and tell me why you can't live without them. Ill be waiting. And don't forget to comment. Good luck.

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