Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trendy or Timeless- Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans have been on the scene for a bit and have been worn by hipsters and classic dressers alike. But, the thing about skinny jeans is that you do need to be well....skinny for them to really have any function and for them to not look like a pair of denim spandex. IF you do have the body to pull skinny jeans off it adds to your silhouette instead of bringing out some uncanny features you may want to be hiding while you might out on a date or something. Skinny jeans are perfect when being substituted for formal wear pants. They look very nice with a blazer or a nice shirt and tie combination. I would also like to mention that the dark washes might be the best ones to go for. And remember if you are a skinny jean guy i would suggest going with your size and not sway towards smaller sizes. Lastly, remember to make sure your bulge isn't showing because well, just take my word for it. So, even though it may have potential to be a classic we say trendy.Thanks alot and be sure to comment.

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